As an artist Niels’ main focus lies in the art of painting and illustrating: from drawing people on the streets of Hanoi during vacation, to painting large abstract canvasses at his studio. Niels’ style is very mixed / eclectic, but is very much influenced by the Abstract Expressionist movement emerging in the early 1940′s. Niels works with a lot of different materials: oil, acrylic, pencil and ink.

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Next to painting, Niels likes to experiment with a lot of different materials and forms, such as: steel, film and sculpting. One of these experiments has been the making of an interactive installation called the Cinemacyclette, made together with video-artist John Treffer. The Cinemacyclette is an interactive installation that functions as a huge zoetrope that can be operated by the legs of a cyclist. The Cinemacyclette has made a lot a appearances throughout the Netherlands: at Oerol, Robodock and the EYE Filmmuseum, amongst other places.

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